Centroliz is a leading provider in business ERP systems, catering for a diverse range of business types including retail, manufacturing, service industry and hospitality. Owned and operated by the multinational NexusBond group, Centroliz provides outstanding value to clients around the globe with a focus on increasing sales and efficiency whilst reducing cost.


A True Technology Partner

Our aim goes far beyond simply supplying software & hardware to our clients. We pride ourselves in being there for the businesses we work with on a long term basis.

Due to our global setup weíre able to support our clients with a wide ranging catalogue of digital services including development of software, mobile applications, websites and custom hardware.

Cutting Edge Business Technology

We want Centroliz to always be at the forefront of technology. Thatís why our R&D department is constantly looking for the next thing in business tech.

We aim to get solutions out to market before other companies, and our first priority always lies with existing clients.

Always Flexible

Centroliz deployment is a flexible process. Custom modifications can be arranged for any part of our software or hardware. If it fits the business better, we're eager to support it.

Active Recommendations

Our clients success mirrors the work we provide and as such we're continuously reviewing the ERP configuration and protocols for the businesses we work with.

It we can find a better way to complete a task or business process we'll recommend thisto ensure companies running on Centroliz benefit from the most optimal setup.

Truly Understanding Clients

Studying our clients businesses, operations and industries is at the core of what we do. Our staff have experience and training in the industries that we cater to most.

The needs of our clients are the foundations of Centroliz. Understanding our clients requirements and fulfilling them is a leading objective.

Cost Reduction

We're passionate about reducing our clients running costs. Centroliz provides reports and insights that are vital in the reduction of unnecessary costs.